Software Defined Radio


Sun 06 September 2020
Internet (HAMNET) over the QO100 amateur radio geo-stationary satellite?

Researching the possibility of setting up an Internet (or HAMNET as known to amateur radio operators) connection over the QO100 amateur radio geostationary satellite.

Sun 30 August 2020
Remotely monitoring and accessing the amateur repeater network with the LimeNET Micro SDR and GNU Radio

Using a LimeNET-Micro remote controlled standalone transceiver with GNU Radio, QRadioLink and voice over IP to access amateur radio FM repeaters and more.

Sun 13 January 2020
FT8 with the PlutoSDR on the 2 meters band

Amateur radio FT8 distance contacts on 144 MHz with the PlutoSDR and 20 Watts output power.

Sun 12 August 2018
Viterbi soft symbol decoding for 4FSK modem

A brief description of a slightly unconventional 4FSK decoder with Viterbi soft symbol decoding for convolutional code.

Sun 05 November 2017
Digital voice modes performance analysis

A closer look at the digital voice modes employed by QRadioLink, how they work, when they are best used and some technical characteristics.

Sun 22 October 2017
RF power amplifiers for SDR

Choosing the right RF power amplifier for your SDR device

Sat 21 October 2017
DMR, D-Star, System Fusion

Support for the most common amateur radio digital modes: DMR, D-Star, Yaesu System Fusion