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Other features

General features

  • Transmit and receive analog FM, SSB, AM, digital voice, text messages, digital video, IP protocol.
  • Analog and digital mode repeater - in full duplex mode only, same mode or mixed mode repeater (e.g. FM to Codec2 and viceversa, or FM to Opus and viceversa)
  • Audio compressor
  • Full duplex and simplex operation
  • Fast tune reverse repeater shift using dedicated button
  • Split operation (transmit on other frequency than the receive frequency with no shift limitation, used mostly for repeater operation)
  • Memory channels (store frequency, name, TX shift, operating mode, squelch value, volume, TX power, RX gain, TX and RX CTCSS) and memory channel scan
  • Mixed mode operation (receive one mode and transmit another)
  • Configurable filter widths for analog modes (AM, FM, SSB)
  • CTCSS encoder and decoder for analog FM
  • VOX mode with configurable VOX level
  • Audio recording for local audio output in FLAC (free lossless audio compression) format
  • Remote control via network (requires a telnet client or similar program, can be scripted)
  • Remote control via Mumble private text messages
  • Run headless (no graphical user interface) for terminal usage on embedded platforms like the Raspberry Pi or similar boards without any screen