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QRadioLink documentation


QRadioLink is a VOIP (radio over IP) GNU/Linux SDR (software defined radio) transceiver application using Internet protocols for communication, built on top of GNU radio, which allows experimenting with some software defined radio hardware devices.


Debian 11 Bullseye x86_64 packages are provided via automated builds. An AppImage for running the application on other Linux distributions with glibc >= 2.27 without installing it is also provided. The AppImage is based on Debian 11 Bullseye packages. Please see the Github releases page for binary downloads.

Opensuse packages are available from Opensuse build server thanks to Martin Hauke.

Known issues

  • When tuning rapidly for a prolonged time (for example by dragging the filter box across the screen), the audio may experience slowdowns and other glitches. As a workaround, click at the desired location on the waterfall instead of dragging.
  • Roundtrip latency increases to double over 24 hours of continuous operation with Ettus USRP in MMDVM modes
  • Calculated RSSI values for MMDVM RF channels are not always accurate