About QRadioLink

QRadioLink is a GNU/Linux multimode SDR (software defined radio) transceiver application using the Internet for VOIP communication (radio over IP), built on top of GNU radio, which allows experimenting with software defined radio hardware using different digital and analog radio signals and a Qt5 user interface.

Its primary purpose is educational (demonstrating radio communications to children at schools), but it can also be customized for low power data communications on various ISM frequency bands. It can also be used as an amateur radio SDR transceiver for experimentation.

Possible applications:

Alternatives to QRadioLink

Free software projects that work on Linux and have similar features to QRadioLink are listed below.


Note: QRadioLink uses code from the gr-cessb GNU radio out of tree module. Since this module is not packaged by some distributions, the code is included in the application.