Features which are in development or require developer attention:


Starting with version 0.8.5-rc1, the program requires GNU radio 3.8 and Qt 5.14.

Also since release 0.8.5-rc4 the video mode requires gstreamer and libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0

A version of qradiolink compatible with GNU Radio 3.10 can temporarily be built on Debian Bookworm and other distributions using compatible package versions using the git branch gr_3.10.

Building the software

The guide assumes you are using Debian Bullseye, but the commands should work on most Linux distributions. The newest changes are found on the next Git branch, but this can also bring some unstable code. The user is advised to use the master branch or a release tag unless they want to test the newest changes.

$ git clone
$ cd qradiolink/
$ git checkout master
$ sh ./

Or alternatively:

cd qradiolink
mkdir build
cd src/ext/
protoc --cpp_out=. Mumble.proto
protoc --cpp_out=. QRadioLink.proto
cd ../../build/
qmake ..