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Sat 25 March 2023
Multi-carrier base station transceiver for DMR, YSF, M17 etc. with MMDVM and LimeSDR hardware
Sat 09 April 2022
Implementation of an ETSI compliant DMR base station with the LimeNet Micro SDR working in TDMA mode (two inbound timeslots)
Sat 28 August 2021
Using GNU Radio and a SDR device as a digital voice hotspot with MMDVM supported modes like DMR
Sun 06 September 2020
Internet (HAMNET) over the QO100 amateur radio geo-stationary satellite?
Sun 30 August 2020
Remotely monitoring and accessing the amateur repeater network with the LimeNET Micro SDR and GNU Radio
Sun 13 January 2020
FT8 with the PlutoSDR on the 2 meters band
Sun 22 October 2017
RF power amplifiers for SDR
Sat 21 October 2017
DMR, D-Star, System Fusion